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 Our authentic Thai menu

(V): Vegetarian
(N): Contains nuts
(S): Spicy

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Starters & Soup

Lemongrass Set 30
Vegetable spring rolls, prawn tempura, glass noodle vegetable salad, fish cake and chicken satay served with assorted dips. (N)
Vegetable 25

Poh Pia Tod Je 25
Fried vegetables spring rolls, served with plum sauce.
Roasted Duck 25

Satay Gai 25
Grilled marinated skewer served with peanut sauce.

Tod Man Pla XX
Fried spring rolls with duck meat, served with plum sauce.

Tom Yum Je 25
Hot and spicy soup, lemongrass, galangal, chili and kaffir lime leaves.
Prawns 25 | Chicken 25

Tom Kha Je 25
Galangal soup with coconut milk, prawns and mushroon.
Prawns 48 | Chicken 45


Yum Ped Yang 48
Roasted duck served with fresh fruits and herb salad.

Yum Woon Sen Je 38
Glass noodle salad with seafood, spring onions, celery and roasted peanuts.
Prawns 48

Som Tam 30
Shredded green papaya salad with chilli, garlic, tomato, dried shrimps and lime juice.

Laab Gai 45
Minced prawn salad with chili and shredded kaffir lime leaves.
Prawns 48

Yam Pla Tod 49
Crispy fish fillet served with mango salad.

From the Wok

Pad Priew Wan Gai 49
Wok tossed prawns with sweet and sour sauce.
Prawns 48

Pad Kapraow Gai 55
Wok fried string beans with prawns, chili, garlic and hot basil sauce.
Prawns 48

Pad Prik Thai Dum Gai 43
Wok fried chicken in black pepper sauce.

Pad Med Mamuang Gai 43
Wok tossed chicken with cashew nuts and dry chili. (N)

Pad Sam Rod Kapraow Krob 50
Wok fried duck with spicy sweet and sour sauce, topped with crispy basil.

Pad Pak 34
Stir fried vegetables with mushroom, garlic and cashew nuts. (V)

Pad Pak Boong 30
Wok fried kang kong with chili, garlic, and yellow bean paste. (V)

Pad Kapraow Taohoo 34
Stir fried assorted mushrooms with tofu in hot basil sauce. (V)

Rice & Noodles

Pad Kee Mao Gai 39
Stir fried flat noodles with prawns, chili and hot basil.
Prawns 48

Pad Thai Je 40
Wok fried rice noodle with bean sprout, tofu and chives served in an egg wrap.
Prawns 48 | Chicken 48

Bamee Gai 35
Egg noodle soup with roasted chicken and bean sprouts.

Guay Tiew Tom Yum 35
Hot and spicy noodle soup with chicken, prawns and ground peanuts. (N)

Kao Pad Sapparod XX
Pineapple fried rice with prawns, chicken, egg and cashew nuts, served in whole
pineapple. (N)

Kao Pad 12
Thai fried rice.
Prawn XX | Chicken XX | Kapraow XX | Vegetables XX | Garlic XX

Kao Suay 8
Thai Jasmine rice.

Kao Niaw 8
Thai sticky rice.


Gaeng Phed Je 49
Red curry with mixed vegetables, bamboo shoot and sweet basil. (S)
Prawns 25 | Chicken 25

Gaeng Kiew Wan Je 49
Green curry with mixed vegetables, chili and sweet basil.
Prawns 25 | Chicken 25

Gaeng Panaeng Je 49
Creamy Panaeng curry with mixed vegetables, chili and shredded kafir lime
Prawns 25 | Chicken 25

 Our Chef Recommend dishes

are all carefully designed by our Brand Chef or Head Chefs. They bring variety to our menu and are a great way
to experience new authentic Thai dishes, if you’ve already tried all the dishes on our menu or are just adventurous,
curious and looking for new tastes to satisfy your Thai cravings.

Thai Seafood Platter
AED 75

available in all branches in December

Kao Pad Sapparod | Bamee Giew Tom Yum | Talai Pan Takrai
AED 39 | AED 38 | AED 21

available in all branches from September to December


Thai Seafood Platter

with grilled jumbo prawns, squids and mussels, served with homemade Lemongrass butter sauce and roasted rice with beans.

Kao Pad Sapparod

is a pineapple fried rice with prawns, chicken, egg and cashew nuts.
*When ordered for delivery, Kao Pad Sapparod does not come in a pineapple fruit.

Bamee Giew Tom Yum

is a hot and spicy Tom Yum soup served with egg noodles, shrimp Won-ton, bean sprouts and a crispy Won-ton sheet.

Talai Pan Takray

is delectable deep-fried minced seafood on Lemongrass skewers.

 Our catering services

With years of serving authentic Thai cuisine, the multi-awarded Lemongrass Thai Restaurant have created Set Menu Packages to fit you and your event.
Our goal is to provide you with a full range of quality catering services backed by service-oriented staff.
The satisfaction of you and your guests is our first priority. With Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, all of your dishes are
made entirely from scratch to ensure freshness and fine, vibrant Thai flavors.

We want your experience to be as easy as possible, which is why we will take time to sit down with you
in order to determine the best possible menu suited for you, your guests and your event.

 Inquire by sending us a quick email.